A New Version of Breakout Revealed for Intellivision Amico

A remake of Breakout that turns the classic game on its side will be a launch title for the Intellivision Amico next year.

While Intellivision Entertainment has been quiet regarding the games coming to their Amico console for some time, that is finally starting to change. So far, Intellivision has celebrated its 40th anniversary by releasing an AR demo for Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles, confirming that a remake of Intellivision Skiing will be a launch pack-in title, and unveiling a list of developers working on games for Intellivision Amico. Today, yet another remake was revealed: Breakout.

At its core, the remake of Atari’s classic seems to be the same game at its core but with a literal twist. After a short period in a vertical mode, Breakout for Intellivision Amico will turn the game on its side, almost making it into a Pong-Breakout hybrid. In a gameplay video that was released today, we see a player try to finish a level within a four-minute time limit that all players will be on. Below, you can watch that video:

Intellivision Entertainment has not said if there will be more than one level, but co-op and versus modes have been confirmed, aligning with the system’s local multiplayer focus. The control scheme for this version of Breakout was also delved into. Fitting the Amico’s unorthodox controller, players use the touchscreen to control the paddle and motion controls to aim and spin the ball after hitting it. These are the controls the game was supposedly played with for the gameplay video. They seem to work okay, but hopefully the game will contain a mode that uses the system’s directional disc and buttons.

This new version of Breakout will be a launch title for the Intellivision Amico. The system is still slated to launch on October 10, 2020.

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