Breath of the Wild Meets Princess Mononoke in a Perfect Marriage of Art

Breath of the Wild Meets Princess Mononoke in a Perfect Marriage of Art

There's something about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that clicks well with Studio Ghibli works and this lovely fanart shows us why.

The legend of gifted The Legend of Zelda fanartists continues, this time with illustrator @comfycorduroy, who drew several gorgeous The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild pieces reenacting several iconic scenes from Studio Ghibi’s Princess Mononoke:

The art is absolutely stunning and it’s hauntingly fitting how well these scenes from the movie fit with the characters, aesthetic, and plot of the game. The artist also has their own website if you want to check out more of their fantastic works. You can also support them through their ko-fi page here.

Back in August, another talented artist by the name of Jo (@BigSkyCastle on Twitter) created several Breath of the Wild illustrations in the breezier and lighter Studio Ghibli style. Then there’s this nifty 3D printed breakable pot one fan made and showed off. If you’re a chef in the making, you can pick up a copy of the The Unofficial Legend of Zelda Cookbook. An extremely talented artist combined scenes from the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2 with the artstyle from the recent Link’s Awakening remake. Another artist created A Link Between Worlds diorama using the shell of a Gameboy. There’s an absolutely stunning Studio Ghibli-style Breath of the Wild fan animated trailer, while a dedicated fan spent two years recreating Breath of the Wild weapons.

We also have an animated pixel art mockup of a dungeon scene from Zelda II. The winner for last year’s official Link’s Awakening fanworks contest was revealed, with some great submissions from plenty of talented artists. And if you want something incredible from outside this contest, there’s this fantastic 3D printed recreation of Koholint Island from the game. The artist even provides a tutorial at the end of their video in case anyone else wanted to make one for themselves.

Some other works include Link’s house from Breath of the Wild faithfully created using Lego blocks, this lovely Sheikah runes phone charger, art of Twilight Princess meets Breath of the Wild, fanart of Link in the vibrant forest from Majora’s Mask, a recreation of the Breath of the Wild lantern, a bottle of Lon Lon milk from Ocarina of Time, and an alarm clock that plays A Link to the Past‘s theme.

Check out our glowing review of the first BOTW by our Editor-in-Chief. The sequel is on its way and the cast recently revealed that all voice work has been recorded.