Breath of the Wild Uses Mii’s to Generate NPC’s

Breath of the Wild Uses Mii’s to Generate NPC’s

Dust off your old Wii because it might be useful for Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a complex and expansive game that features systems that players have learned to take advantage of. From learning to fly using rocks to skipping shrine puzzles entirely, the game offers players tons of tools to mess around with. As of last night, you can add customizable NPC’s to that list.

Discovered by Twitter user and Mii expert, i’m alice, Breath of the Wild uses a Switch version of Mii’s to generate NPC’s. This means that, through the use of some modding, you can inject your own personal Mii’s into the game. i’m alice provides a side by side comparison between her Mii’s and the NPC’s and the results are astounding.

i’m alice explains how the game uses Mii’s in a Reddit thread saying:

“Basically, they use an evolution of Miis, which the game’s files call “UMii”s (which is what I’ll be calling them from now on). UMiis have almost all the same parameters as Wii U/3DS Miis, with a few minor differences here and there, like moles no longer being supported.

However, BotW does not support every hairstyle Miis do. So, if you tried to load a hairstyle the game doesn’t support, it instead calls a separate file, that essentially converts the unsupported hairstyle into a hair type that is supported and looks the most similar to the unsupported one, which is what happened with my personal Mii, Alice.”

She also goes on to say in a Twitter thread that special characters like Link and Zelda don’t use UMii’s, but instead are premodeled.

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