Free-to-Play RPG BRIG 12 Announced for PC by Traega Entertainment

Free-to-Play RPG BRIG 12 Announced for PC by Traega Entertainment

Nashville based indie developer Traega Entertainment has announced BRIG 12, a free to play card collecting RPG for PC that will release in August.

Traega Entertainment, an up-and-coming Nashville based indie developer, announced its first game today: BRIG 12. This title is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG that melds CCG and turn-based game mechanics, and will release on PC this August.

BRIG 12 has players take control of the clone of an infamous bounty hunter, taking various contracts and bounties in his stead and turning in their prisoners to the titular high security compound. Of course, this kicks off a gameplay loop of going on missions, fighting bosses, collecting loot, and upgrading characters.

Fights will mix typical turn-based game mechanics with card collecting elements, and will have players using a variety of powerful and humorous attacks. Players can also choose to do quick bite-sized bounties to get quick loot and cash, or do several in a row in order to receive extra bonuses when turning them in.

BRIG 12 is also poised to feature an extensive character creator, party-creating, and several classes for players to tinker with. The developers are also calling the game “truly free to play” stating that no content will be gated off to players, and that the included microtransactions will only apply to getting items, mainly cosmetic, that players want faster.

Traega Entertainment Founder Dax Hock commented on finally unveiling his studio’s first game:

“As a new studio, we’re excited to announce our first game, BRIG 12. This is the first of what we expect to be many games from Traega Entertainment. We’ve been assembling our team quickly over the past 2 years and I’m really proud of how we have come together to build this game.

BRIG 12 embodies the principle we want in all of our games – we want to let the players decide how to play. We think we’ve created a unique combination of some genres we love, and we’re excited about this launch as the stepping stone to future launches for our studio

You can check out the first screenshots and teaser trailer for the game below. BRIG 12 will be available for free on PC sometime in August.