Brigador Killers Finally Shows its Face at BitSummit 7

Brigador Killers Finally Shows its Face at BitSummit 7

Brigador Killers is the narrative-driven sequel to 2016's Brigador. Look for it on a PC near you in 2020.

Developers Stellar Jockeys have, somewhat stealthily, announced that they are working on a follow-up to their 2016 release Brigador. The team went to last weekend’s BitSummit Indie Conference in Japan and quietly starting showing off Brigador Killers. The game has now gone up on Steam for wishlisting and, while details are minimal, there are a few intriguing tidbits to talk about.

For my money, the first thing to notice is that the game looks beautiful. I love how both Brigador games look like they were made to be played in an 80s arcade. As someone who was raised on action and sci-fi movies from that era, the moody environments, neon laser blasts, and huge explosions really do it for me.

The game also features the intense isometric action that players know from the first Brigador.  That game was tough-as-nails but was incredibly fun to try and master. It does appear that the focus will be less on mechs and more on infantry combat. And the devs say the controls have been “revised”; however, they have not yet gone into detail about what that means.

The last big thing to talk about is that the team is focusing on the story this time around. The first Brigador’s tale was doled in easily skippable text boxes. This new one looks to place a much bigger emphasis on narrative.

The first game struggled to get much momentum when it released back in 2016, so hopefully, this new release shows everyone how great this franchise is. Brigador is available on Linux, Mac, and PC. Brigador Killers is planning to release at some point in 2020 and platforms will be announced later. Keep your eyes on this space for more info on Brigador Killers and all the other indies news.