Bright Memory: Infinite Kicks Off Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal

A one-man team at FYQD-Studio is bringing lightning-quick gunplay and sword combat, along with some impressive visuals to the Xbox Series X.

May 7, 2020

Inside Xbox’s presentation of Series X gameplay kicked off with arguably its most visually striking game of the bunch.

A trailer for the first-person shooter Bright Memory: Infinite played at the top of the show, showing off its lightning-quick gunplay and sword combat, along with its heavy graphical effects.

The kicker? This is all coming from just one guy: Zeng Xiancheng of FYQD-Studio in China, with the help of indie publisher Playism.

Set in the futuristic metropolis of 2036, with a strange phenomenon to get to the bottom of, the game will be optimized for the Series X like every other title shown Thursday. It will also release on PC via Steam, but there is no set release date just yet.


Catch the full replay of Inside Xbox’s Series X presentation below.


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