Bring Arts' New Nier: Automata 2B Figure Should Be Your Next Desk Piece

Bring Arts is releasing an incredibly detailed and relatively affordable figure based on the main protagonist of Nier: Automata, 2B.

Fans of Yoko Taro’s Nier: Automata, hide your wallets. Bring Arts is launching a new 2B figure that’s relatively affordable compared to other figures I’ve seen from the company. Fans will have the option of selecting one of two different variants (or both if you’re an absolute madman). You can check out a bunch of screenshots of both figures down below.

Until January 28, you can pre-order each figure with a 10 percent discount. The figure will cost you $79.99 regularly, and $71.99 if you pre-order before the aforementioned date. If you’d like to purchase the figure for yourself you can head over to Square Enix’s online store, it’ll ship sometime in July of 2019.

2B will come with four weapons from Nier: Automata — Virtuous Contract, the Virtuous Treaty, Cruel Arrogance, and Cruel Lament. Additionally, you’ll get a pod to accompany 2B, as well as seven different hand poses as well as a black box. Bring Arts had previously released a 2B figure, and in my opinion, this new model looks much better.

If you have any interest in Nier: Automata, the title is available now on both PC and PS4 with a Game of the YoRHa Edition coming in February. Xbox One owners can grab the BECOME AS GODS Edition.

Jordan Boyd

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