Horror Game Bring to Light Will Utilize Heart Rate Monitor to “Enhance” Your Experience

Red Meat Games upcoming horror game Bring to Light will read your heart rate to dynamically change the game's world.

on May 1, 2018 3:56 PM

According to the press release, Canadian game studio Red Meat Games’ upcoming horror game, Bring to Light, will use a heart rate monitor in order to “enhance players’ in-game experiences.”

How exactly will this “enhance” your experience? Well, the game will dynamically change depending on your heart rate; this will increase or decrease how scary an event will be, affect how frequent these events occur, and alter the game’s world.

In a statement made by the CEO of Red Meat Games, Keith Makse, he explains how horror games are scary “in different ways” and for “different people.” He continues to say that using the heart rate monitor feature “should allow us to create one of the scariest games out there.” Here is the full quote:

“Horror games are scary, in different ways, for different people. Using a heart rate monitor allows us to find out what triggers will scare individual players and using out custom AI, we can change the game in real-time to make the game more or less scary as needed. A biometrically enhanced horror game should allow us to create one of the scariest games out there!”

Red Meat Games has developed a few mobile titles, as well as some virtual reality games such as Cube Samurai: Run, Bloxiq VR, and First Impact: Rise of a Hero.

While no specific dates have been announced, Bring to Light is slated for a 2018 release for PC, consoles, and VR platforms.

Michael Ruiz is a staff writer at DualShockers. He enjoys most video games, but would be happy playing Galaga for the rest of his life. When he isn't playing games, he is probably watching professional wrestling or podcasting over at Model Citizens Media.