Brink Gets S.M.A.R.T. and Bonuses Too

By Joel Taveras

August 17, 2010

Brink was that one title at this year’s E3 where we had no idea what to expect. However after interviewing Paul Wedgewood the CEO for Slash Damage, the creators of the game and then getting some hands-on, I was assured that it was definitely going to be something truly special. Today Bethesda has released their latest developer diary, “The Dawn of S.M.A.R.T.” which stands for smooth moment across random terrain. With this technology Brink is going to be like nothing you’ve played before.

Think about it like this. What if Borderlands had the freedom to move like Mirror’s Edge? Because of this parkour style gameplay, Bethesda has decided to join forces with to put together Beyond The Brink: The European Parkour Tour 2010. which is actually the first tour of it’s kind and it will feature free runner Daniel Ilabaca.

And if that’s not enough Brink news for you we have some more. With todays developer diary also came some info about retailer specific pre-order bonuses. What’s cool about these bonuses, is that instead of going the route of giving you some kind of weapon you can’t normally get in the game, instead it’s all about skins and customizations from games from Bethesda’s storied past such as Doom or Fallout. Hit the jump to check out all of the bonuses, and make sure to choose wisely!

The DOOM Pack – Available at GameStop and

Spread fear amongst your enemies with this exclusive character customization pack based on the world-famous DOOM games by id Software. Filled with a unique set of hellish customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the DOOM Pack will make you stand out from the crowd and bring Hell to the Ark.

The DOOM Pack, available when you pre-order through GameStop, contains:

  • Unique “Hellspawn” body tattoo
  • Exclusive UAC (Security) and Cacodemon (Resistance) customized skins for the Bulpdaun SMG
  • Exclusive UAC Marine Body Armor (Security) and Lost Soul Screaming Skull (Resistance) t-shirts
  • Exclusive UAC beanie cap (Security) and DOOM bandana (Resistance)

The Fallout Pack – Available at Best Buy and

Attention, wannabe Vault-dwellers! With exclusive Fallout-themed character customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the Fallout Pack lets you publicly proclaim your affiliation to Vault-Tec’s post nuclear simulation.

The Fallout Pack, available when you pre-order through Best Buy, contains:

  • Unique Fallout Vault 101 body tattoo
  • Exclusive Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) customized skins for the CARB-9 SMG
  • Exclusive Fallout Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) t-shirts
  • Exclusive Vault-Tec beanie cap (Security) and Fallout bandana (Resistance)

The Psycho Pack – Available at and Direct2Drive

Push your Brink character even further with new and exclusive customization options. Containing a new weapon, a terrifying face mask, a unique Janus body tattoo and exclusive silencers, the Psycho Pack will turn you into a deadly and terrifying assassin as you fight over the future of the Ark and its inhabitants.

The Psycho Pack, when you pre-order through or Direct2Drive, contains:

  • Exclusive weapon: the “Caesar” Revolver
  • New attachments: The Resistance’s improved Soda Can Silencer and Security’s ArkTactical Silencer
  • Exclusive Resistance “The Grin” Combat Mask
  • Unique “Tortured Soul” body tattoo

The Spec Ops Pack – Available at Walmart,, and Steam

Kit out your Brink character with new and exclusive customization options. Containing an exclusive weapon, a new scope attachment, a slick combat mask, and a unique “Dogtag” body tattoo, the Spec Ops Pack will put you amongst the Ark’s most elite warriors as you fight over the future of humanity’s last refuge.

The Spec Ops Pack, available when you pre-order through Walmart or Steam, contains:

  • Exclusive weapon: the “Hockler” Machine-Pistol
  • Exclusive “GreenEye” Combat Optical Scope
  • Exclusive Security “Sloani” Combat Mask
  • Unique Dogtag body tattoo
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