Britain Defence Secretary Condemns Medal of Honor

Britain Defence Secretary Condemns Medal of Honor


Medal of Honor is making news before release, yet again. The upcoming title, published by Electronic Arts has caused the British defence secretary to call on retailers to show their support for troops by not selling it. Britain’s defence secretary Liam Fox had this to say:

“At the hands of the Taliban, children have lost fathers and wives have lost husbands. It’s shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban against British soldiers. It’s hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product.”

Despite not responding immediately to the statement made by Fox, EA spokeswoman Amanda Taggart made the following response:

“We give gamers the opportunity to play both sides. Most of us have been doing this since we were seven: someone plays cop, someone must be robber. In Medal of Honor multiplayer, someone’s got to be the Taliban. Nobody who plays video games is going to be shocked or surprised by this.”

Maybe she’s right, but maybe it’s just a little too soon. With something so recent and still an ongoing struggle, it’s understandable that people will react sensitively to the content of the latest Medal of Honor.