Broadway Performers Are Streaming Jackbox Games to Help Support Artists Impacted By Coronavirus

Broadway Performers Are Streaming Jackbox Games to Help Support Artists Impacted By Coronavirus

Members of the performing arts community are hosting a bi-weekly streaming series for charity featuring the titles from Jackbox Games.

With the coronavirus continuing to have a hold on the world and forcing many countries to adopt shelter-in-place rules to keep people at home, many around the world are turning to video games to stay connected with others in a time of isolation and social distancing. The games from developer Jackbox Games especially have been helpful in these times to let people play games together around the world, with Broadway performers and actors turning to Jackbox for some fun (and a good cause) with the theatre community.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Broadway and theatre industry was impacted greatly, with most theatres having either shut down their current productions completely or postponing performances to a later date. This of course has had a major ripple effect with thousands of actors, performers, designers, writers, and more being put out of work with no productions or shows to run for at least the next few months across the US. With an entire industry now in the dark for the foreseeable future, several members of the theatre community are gathering through the Jackbox Party games to help support actors in need or out of work.

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Broadway Jackbox, which launched a few weeks ago from Dear Evan Hansen actors Alex Boniello and Andrew Barth Feldman, has been providing bi-weekly streams through Twitch to help gather donations from viewers for The Actors Fund, a nonprofit charity organization that helps to support actors and artists in the entertainment industry. Featuring games from developer Jackbox Games, the streams are taking place every Tuesday and Friday each week at 6pm ET, and have featured notable Broadway performers as guests from shows such as BeetlejuiceWaitress, and more.

The next Broadway Jackbox stream will take place tonight (March 24) at 6pm ET, and you can watch live on their official Twitch channel.