Quidditch Inspired Broomstick League Enters Early Access Next Month

Quidditch Inspired Broomstick League Enters Early Access Next Month

No sign of the Golden Snitch yet though.

Back in 2018, we reported on how Citadel: Forged with Fire was introducing a new Broomstick League mode which essentially allowed players to fly around on broomsticks in an arena while trying to score a goal. It’s basically Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup that launched way back in 2003, only it looks more advanced.

Well, since 2018, it seems that Virtual Basement LLC and publisher Blue Isle Studios have turned the mode into a standalone title which is planned to land on Steam next month in early access. The developer states that it’s anticipated that Broomstick League’s Early Access stint will last “between 9-12 months”. Additionally, beta sign-ups are available for future testing prior to launch.

The game seems to be a mixture of Rocket League and Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup with the game looking to include 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes. In 2018, we reported that the mode in Citadel: Forged with Fire could support up to 5v5 but it seems that mode has been nerfed for the time being. Players can fly around the arena freely with their broomstick and are equipped with a wand. The wand allowing spells to be cast such as blasting a ball away from an opponent, or a blink spell that allows teleportation to another part of the arena.

Customization is present too, similarly to Rocket League, allowing players to customize their character, choose new broomsticks, wand styles, and more, along with taunts and emotes being available. A new trailer has been released which shows off what players can expect from the upcoming standalone Broomstick League. The video also seems to feature both first-person views as well as third-person.

According to the Steam news posts, the beta tests taking place are already introducing new features and a new map that introduces a mythical creature of some kind to shake things up. AI improvements have been introduced, as has a quick chat function. A party system allows players to team up with friends and there’s a bunch of gameplay improvements that should be present for the beta that’s currently taking place from February 6 to February 8.

At current, it’s only due to launch for PC, however, the developer has released previous titles on Xbox One and PS4, so there’s still a chance that down the line we’ll see the game hit other consoles. Broomstick League will be launching into Steam early access on March 5, 2020.