Brotacular New Mutant Revealed in Leaked X-Men: Destiny Screens

Your eyes do not deceive you: that tattoo’d beefcake above is apparently one of three new mutants starring in Silicon Knights’ upcoming game X-Men: Destiny. These new screenshots and concept art were leaked on Youtube by a concerned fan, the link of which is already down.

I suppose the premise here was “what if one of the guys from Jersey Shore became a mutant?”, and if that’s the case, they succeeded with flying colors. Except I’m not so sure that dudebrahs wear plucky scarves, kneepads over their ravewear, and a children’s hiking backpack. According to the screens, it looks like his power is to manipulate and propel Lemonade Four Loko at his enemies, although I might be a little off on that.  It may be Lemon-Lime.

This would be greatly amusing and not infuriating at all, if not for the fact that these new mutants are actually going to be part of the official X-Men canon.  So there’s a very good chance of seeing Mr. Tribalicious up there in the actual comics, or perhaps even in future movies. Hit the jump for a gallery of the brahsome new mutie in action, along with a bonus pic of Nightcrawler cosplaying as Bono.

Props to io9 for the heads-up.

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