Brutal and Punishing, Horror Puzzler Kaet Must Die! Releases on Steam

Brutal and Punishing, Horror Puzzler Kaet Must Die! Releases on Steam

Claiming to have limitless death for players looking for a challenge, Kaet Must Die! can now be found on Steam, also with an available demo.

Is it true that games with unlimited deaths and enraging screams tend to promise a more satisfying, hardcore experience? Strength in Numbers Studios has released a title that might make you do just that. Kaet Must Die! is their new item, and it is currently out for release on Steam.

Kaet Must Die! is a first-person horror game with puzzles included. Jump-scares and unforgiving brutality is what this title is all about as it puts you in the shoes of Kaetheran, a psionicist who was stripped of her powers. She wakes up in a sewer all alone, surrounded by unholy critters and lacking in the strength she once had.

Kaet Must Die! places you in a position where every thing and person wants you dead. Gain new abilities and solve puzzles while discovering clues to these mysterious circumstances, but make sure you stay a few steps ahead of imminent death. If you are up for the challenge or are curious of the game’s content, then you can try it for free through Steam right now. The demo takes you through the first level of Kaet Must Die! during an early build of the title.

Kaet Must Die! is currently out on Steam for $14.99 and will release in the near future on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms. Think you’re hot stuff and can wrestle fear with a single finger? Then check out the Kaet Must Die! Jump Scare Trailer below! Do terrifying images of death and hopelessness give you horrific insomnia? Then maybe check out the Strength in Numbers Studios Facebook Page instead.