Brut@l Amazon and Mage Classes Featured in New Trailers

on January 19, 2017 3:36 PM

Stormcloud Games and Rising Star Games released two new trailers for Brut@l today that showcased the Amazon and Mage classes.

Brut@l has players travel through a procedurally generated dungeon constructed entirely from ASCII letters. It released for PS4 last year as part of the PLAY 2016 lineup, and a PC version was confirmed soon afterwards. 

The Amazon class uses a bow and arrow to attack from a distance, while the Mage class uses their magical staff to use spells on enemies and whack can them with it. Players can level up each class by playing as them, and can eventually unlock new skills and devastating combat abilities. Brut@l also features a co-op mode.

You can watch both trailers below. Brut@l is currently available on PS4, and will release for PC February 9.

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