Brut@l Trophies Appear, Only Available in a Single Player Game

on August 7, 2016 2:43 PM

The trophy list for upcoming PlayStation 4 game Brut@l has appeared thanks to PSN Profiles. There are twenty-five trophies total, split between a platinum, six gold, twelve silver, and six bronze.

Each trophy requires the player to be in a single player game only in order to unlock the trophy. Some trophies are for one off achievements such as enchanting a poisoned weapon or completing a level in under 120 seconds. Others require you to find all collectibles, kill certain amount of enemies, or obtain a certain amount of loot in a single game.

You can find the full trophy list below.


  • Dungeon Master: Unlock all trophies in BRUT@L (Single player game only)


  • Treasure Hunter: Gain more than 20,000 loot in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Monster Slayer: Kill 250 enemies in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Halfway to Hell: Reach floor 13 of the dungeon (Single player game only)
  • Enter the Dragon: Reached floor 26: The Dragon’s Lair (Single player game only)
  • Been there, done it: Unlock every skill in a single game (Single player game only)
  • A, B, C…: Collect all 26 Basic ASCII (A-Z) in a single game (Single player game only)


  • You’re a wizard!: Find and use an ancient wand (Single player game only)
  • Speedmaster: Complete a level in under 120 seconds (Single player game only)
  • Shock and Awe: Enchant a power weapon (Single player game only)
  • Shhh… It’s a Secret: Find and open a Secret Room (Single player game only)
  • Quick tipple: Drink one of each potion in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Poison Ivy: Enchant a poisoned weapon (Single player game only)
  • Lucky Charm: Forge a Talisman (Single player game only)
  • Ice, Ice, Baby: Enchant a frozen weapon (Single player game only)
  • Firestarter: Enchant a fire weapon (Single player game only)
  • Crafty: Craft one weapon from every weapon category in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Battle-scarred: Kill 100 monsters in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Arcane Arsenal: Enchant an arcane weapon (Single player game only)


  • Sharp Suit: Collect and wear a full suit of armour (Single player game only)
  • Power of Four: Play a single player game with each of the four characters, Ranger, Amazon, Mage and Warrior (Single player game only)
  • Novice Dungeoneer: Complete the first floor of the dungeon (Single player game only)
  • First Blood: Kill 10 monsters in a single game (Single player game only)
  • Dungeon Architect: Create and validate a custom dungeon using the Dungeon Creator (Single player game only)
  • Born Again: Successfully pay tribute at a God Altar (Single player game only)
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