BTD6 Update 26 Patch Notes - New Hero, New Achievements

Meet Psi the Psionic Monkey!

Today, the official BTD6 patch notes for update 26 were shared by the developers. A brand new update that brings some quality-of-life improvements, big new features, and more importantly, a brand new hero.

Get ready for another round of defense with the new hero “Psi the Psionic Monkey.” Today, the latest update officially arrived for Bloons TD 6 and it contains big changes in the game modes and social features.

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From now on, not only you are able to create challenges, but also you can put them together in Odysseys. Moreover, you will have new options to check out the latest things going around in co-op mode. Let’s dive into the full details of the update.

Fracked – Full Gameplay Reveal

Fracked – Full Gameplay Reveal

BTD6 Patch Notes – Update 26.0

New Awesome:

  • New Hero: Psi the Psionic Monkey, a youthful hero who uses their mental abilities over any distance to hold and unravel Bloons from the inside out
  • New Expert Map: Sanctuary – where you can be mindful of the movement of things around you
  • New Achievements
    • So Shiny!
    • Glittering Gold
    • Glorious Gold
    • Magical Gold
    • Hook, Line, and Sinker
    • Moving House
    • Social Butterfly
    • Achievement of Achievements
    • Team Player
    • Team Captain
    • Ultimate Team-up
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Etienne Roomba pet, Ezili Glyph Materialization placement
    • Monkeys: Village Scotland Flag, Village NZ Flag, Village Banana Flag
    • Bloons: Beard Bloons decal, Old Timey MOAB-Class Bloons
    • Co-op: Activate! emote, Tumbleweed emote, Skull and Crossbones emote,
    • Game & UI: Music Track Tropical Carnival Octopus Mix, Avatar 42 – Corporate Patch
  • Community Winner avatars
    • – Avatar 40 Harlegwen PFP by u/Qqertynn
    • – Avatar 41 Flash Bomb by u/_Concilliabule_
  • Limited Time only
    • 4 cool items you can be the first to grab when it gets nearer to shooting off fireworks (135 total trophy cost if you want to start saving!)

Key Features:

  • Play Social – The Co-Op main menu button has been updated to make room for more social features, including the Content Browser and visibility to weekly Co-Op challenges when those are running. We’re keen to keep adding more fun ways to play together and share creations, so watch for more here in future updates!
  • Odyssey Creator & Browser! You’ve been able to make your own Challenges – now put them together in player-created Odysseys! Use all of the features you’d expect from Challenge creation but put them together with a theme, Odyssey difficulty (including Extreme!), and Crew restrictions and make the best Odysseys you can dream up for friends and community.
  • Monkey Teams: Stick to the chosen team to earn extra rewards! To mix things up with an alternative to the Golden Bloon, Monkey teams will be assigned to a random map in each category similar to the Golden Bloon, however for this event players have the option of beating the map using only their hero along with 3 randomly selected towers. If the game is completed without breaking this team rule then a small monkey money bonus will be awarded. Monkey Teams and Golden Bloon will alternate for variety, and both can be running while Collection Events are on.

Big Changes / Additions:

  • Freeplay rounds from 121 to 140 have now been added in the default round set, so like the recent 101-120 additions, these will now be consistent rounds. Interesting, I wonder if Ninja Kiwi is up to something…
  • Minor tweaks have been made to the previously added 101 – 120 fixed freeplay rounds.
  • Player regions in Co-op are now labelled with their name

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • Performance optimizations made to tower targeting
  • Localization corrections made – native and fluent speakers please keep flagging non-English translations that are bugging you!
  • Resolved an issue where towers would sometimes not have a complete range circle
  • Default & Reset towers in Challenge Creation will now default to select hero
  • Resolved an issue where the Hide Completed filter in the Challenge viewer would only be able to hide a maximum of 1024 challenges (so awesome that some of you were having this problem!)
  • Hitting the send round button in races will no longer trigger a flag animation if all rounds have already been sent (if you liked just waving the flag, let us know if you want that or some other trophy store animations to play during races, especially if you’re making videos)
  • Resolved some minor UI loading issues when changing menus
  • Resolved a visual issue with Ravine’s Sword Easter Egg after restarting
  • Resolved an issue with Lotus Island flowers not recharging correctly after use
  • Quitting and loading a save on round 100 should now award Instamonkeys upon completion of the round
  • Base Avatars no longer display as limited time under some odd circumstances
  • Resolved a UI issue where Full Tower Unlock purchase would leave newly acquired upgrades as greyed out
  • Resolved some issues with some hotkeys not working correctly after a game restart
  • Resolved hero level 20 level up animation issue

Ice Monkey:

  • x3x Arctic Wind will no longer retain its frozen platforms after being transformed by an Alchemist as this could cause a crash upon ability expiration

Glue Gunner:

  • xx5 Super Glue can now re-target Bloons that is has already Glued after stun expires

Sniper Monkey:

  • x4x Supply Drop sniper crate ability should no longer land inside high terrain

Monkey Sub:

  • 3xx Submerge and Support should no longer be possible to disconnect tower location from visible model

Monkey Buccaneer:

  • 5xx Carrier Flagship has had a desync between the Flagship platforms when placed on moving platforms resolved
  • xx5 Trade Empire should correctly buff the damage of other Merchantmen in CHIMPS

Monkey Ace:

  • 010 Exploding Pineapple should no longer display the wrong number on every 2nd Pineapple

Heli Pilot:

  • x04 Comanche Defense should now correctly be able to spawn Mini-Comanche if it is granted camo detection from an external source
  • xx4 Comanche Defense should no longer be completely and utterly bonk on Workshop
  • x5x Special Poperations will no longer crash the game if disabling MK after picking up a door gunner

Super Monkey:

  • x3x Robo Monkey now remembers target priorities when loading saves


  • 3xx Druid of the Storm blowback should correctly remove ongoing glue damage effects from Bloons when the slow is removed

Striker Jones:

  • Lv5 debuff to Black Bloon immunity should no longer fail to work on Zebra Children from MOABs in rare cases


  • Lv10 Ball of Light no longer breaks when she is placed above an Arctic Wind on water

Desktop Version:

  • BTD6 is now available on Windows Store, full PC features have been enabled.
  • Hotkeys are now available to view and edit from the pause menu in-game
  • Improved Steam Rich Presence (moving onto Twitch features now – if you’re a Twitch streamer let us know what features and support you’d like to see, or anything that’s making it difficult or frustrating to stream BTD6)

Balance ChangesDart Monkey:

  • x5x Plasma Fan Club price reduced from $50,000 -> 45,000

Boomerang Monkey:

  • 000 Boomerang attack delay reduced from 1.42 -> 1.2
  • 2xx Glaives no longer increases attack speed 15% -> 0%
  • 5xx Glaive Lord price reduced from 35,000 -> 32400
  • 5xx Glaive Lord no longer passively pops Lead without Red Hot Rangs
  • xx5 MOAB Domination’s Explosion pierce increased from 20 -> 40

Glue Gunner:

  • xx5 Super Glue price reduced from $35,000 -> 28,000

Sniper Monkey:

  • 5xx Cripple MOAB price reduced from $40,000 -> 34,000

Monkey Sub:

  • 030 Ballistic Missile missile attack delay reduced from 1.3 -> 1.105
  • 032 Ballistic Missile missile rate buff reduced from 25% to 10%

Monkey Ace:

  • 4xx Operation: Dart Storm homing missile damage increased from 18 -> 24

Heli Pilot:

  • x5x Special Poperations, Marine ability cooldown reduced from 40s -> 25
  • x5x Special Poperations, Marine unit pierce reduced from 30 -> 20

Dartling Gunner:

  • x4x Rocket Storm cooldown increased from 30s -> 40

Spike Factory:

  • 3xx Spiked Balls pierce reduced from 17 -> 14
  • 4xx Spiked Mines price reduced from $11,000 -> 9,500

Monkey Village:

  • xx4 Monkey City cash production bonus to towers in radius increased from 10% to 15%


  • 4xx Laser Sentry gains pierce increased from 4 -> 8
  • 401 Laser Sentry gains pierce increased from 5 -> 10
  • 4xx Ball Sentry damage increased from 1 -> 2
  • 4xx Ball Sentry attack cooldown increased from 1s -> 1.1
  • 4xx Boom Sentry attack cooldown reduced from 1.3s -> 0.9
  • 302 Sentries & Higher will now also be able to Pin Bloons they pop
  • xx4 Bloon Trap redeployment cooldown reduced from 15s -> 12


  • Lv17 Firestorm’s full-map Heat It Up now also benefits from this level’s buff to Heat It Up


  • Lv10 UCAV Damage reduced from 3 -> 2
  • Lv15 UCAV Damage reduced from 6 -> 4
  • Lv17 UCAV Damage reduced from 9 -> 7
  • Lv20 UCAV Damage reduced from 12 -> 10

Bloons TD 6 is a hero-based tower-defense game available on PC, Android, and iOS. The game was originally launched back in 2018 and since then the developers have been supporting it with new content every now and then.

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