Bubble Anime Film Ending Explained - Does Uta Survive?

The anime movie is now available to watch on Netflix.

April 28, 2022

Netflix recently released the much-awaited Bubble anime film, and as expected, the film’s ending left most fans scratching their heads. Well, here’s our complete breakdown of the movie’s ending.

Bubble features a beautiful animation that turns Tokyo into a parkour playground. The movie will grab your attention with its jaw-dropping visuals and amazing direction, especially during the parkour scenes. Honestly, it makes sense why Wit Studio was chosen for this project. The studio’s work in the first three seasons of Attack on Titan made them a perfect choice for Bubble, given how much parkour was in the film.

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Bubble‘ is set in Tokyo, the city which is partially submerged in water after a mysterious phenomenon occurred around the world. One day, the entire world sees strange bubbles falling from the sky, and Tokyo becomes ground zero after a red cloud (complex gravity field) forms around the city’s tower. After this, Tokyo is isolated from the rest of the world, but the city’s new apocalyptic environment gives birth to parkour battles.

Different teams participate in the parkour battles, and Hibiki is part of a parkour team himself. The movie’s beginning clearly states that only Hibiki is able to step on the floating bubbles. Anyone else who tries to use the bubbles as a stepping stone fails horribly. Well, that’s not the only thing that makes Hibiki special. Apparently, the young boy is sensitive to sound, and only he can hear a noise coming out of the red cloud.


Who or What is Uta?

Hibiki has tried to reach the source of that sound several times, but he always fails. And in one of those attempts, Hibiki falls into the water and goes unconscious. But fortunately, one bubble, which was watching Hibiki all along, takes a human form and saves Hibiki from drowning.

Of course, this newly born doesn’t understand the human world, but she seems obsessed with Hibiki. Nevertheless, Hibiki names her Uta (based on the sound she makes), and she starts learning about the universe, the big bang, and other things. It seems like by learning about the universe, Uta is learning about her species’ origin and their place in the massive galaxy.

It’s hard to put a pin on a single scenario, but it’s safe to say that these ‘Bubbles’ are an alien species. They arrived on Earth from the Vortex in outer space after a collision. So, these bubbles aren’t supposed to be on Earth; they don’t have any purpose, and they aren’t meant to do anything. However, the reason why Uta could take human form is that maybe these bubbles are made of the same elements that make our bodies.

Hibiki opens up to Uta and shares his childhood memories with her, revealing how he is sensitive toward the sound, and only he can hear a noise coming out of the cloud. At that time, we learn that Uta is very well aware of that mysterious sound. Through the Mermaid’s story in the books, we learn that Uta was always watching Hibiki from the shadows. But she couldn’t do anything about it to prevent her sisters from getting angry.

Uta has been watching Hibiki ever since she arrived on Earth

After Uta leaves, bubbles around the world start acting strange again, and the ones in Tokyo turn hostile by turning red. These red bubbles try to stop Hibiki from getting close to where Uta is, but thanks to his team, Hibiki reaches the top of the tower.

On the tower, Hibiki learns that five years ago, Uta was the bubble he saw out the window. In her bubble form, Uta was making that sound, which only Hibiki could hear. So, Hibiki reached out to Uta with his hand, but that’s when Uta’s sisters got angry, and the explosion happened. Even at that time, it was Uta who saved Hibiki from falling off the tower. So, she was watching and helping Hibiki since the first time she saw him.

In the present, Uta decides to go back to where she came from to stop her sisters from destroying everything. After going back to her bubble form, Uta takes over or maybe calms down her sisters, and that’s why bubbles change their color from red to blue. So, Uta does survive the ordeal, but she has to stay in her bubble form to keep everything normal. The silver lining is that, unlike before, Hibiki knows about Uta’s existence.

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