Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Heading to Switch Q1 2020, New Trailer Arrives

Bubble popping dragons are coming back from the past with modern updates.

For those who were fans of the popular 1980s arcade title, Bubble Bobble, you’ll be pleased to know that the modern take from ININ Games and original developer Tatio are bringing Bubble Bobble 4 Friends to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be arriving as a standard edition and a special edition and will head to America next year in Q1 2020.

The game will find players taking control of Bub and Bob, two dragons who are capable of blowing bubbles. Players will go through 100 levels in an attempt to defeat the main villain, Bonner. Keeping to the original gameplay style, players will be able to blow bubbles that can be used to trap enemies within and even used to bounce on to reach higher platforms.

The game has received a modern overhaul in terms of graphics, and things look cuter, slightly more 3D, and allows up to 4 players for couch co-op mode.

There is also an overhauled EXTEND feature. While the original Bubble Bobble has players popping bubbles with letters to spell EXTEND to get special bubbles, in Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, the feature acts as a skill upgrade system. Players will need to collect all the letters and complete the boss fight in that world they’ll unlock a new skill or upgrade.

These can range from “Long Shot” which increases the distance your bubbles are fired. “Thunder Bubble” kills enemies who are in the range of the horizontal attack. “Bomb Bubble” will explode after activating its timer. “Stop Wind” will stop air flows in the game for a short period of time. “Dash Skill” lets the player pass through enemies without getting hurt.

When starting a new world, players can choose their dragons and skills allowing them to make tactical decisions to progress quicker, or easier. A new trailer, which is above, shows off the game and some of these features in action. Perhaps my favorite part is the addition of the original arcade version of the game being available.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will be launching in the EU and Australasia both digitally and physically (EU only) on November 19, 2019. There will also be a special edition arriving on December 13 that includes two keychains, a poster, and 4 trading cards. The game will be launching in the US sometime in Q1 2020.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is to be arriving exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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