Bubsy: Paws on Fire Heads to KickStarter Fur Additional DLC

Bubsy: Paws on Fire Heads to KickStarter Fur Additional DLC

Bubsy is on KickStarter in 2019. I repeat, Bubsy is on KickStarter in 2019. God is real.

Bubsy is on KickStarter in 2019. I repeat, Bubsy is on KickStarter in 2019. If you had told me this just two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But now, I have my wallet ready. It is worth pointing out that this KickStarter campaign isn’t for a brand new game, but for theoretical DLC for the upcoming PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch game Bubsy: Paws of Fire, which will be arriving this April.

For those of who you may have missed Bubsy: Paws on Fire’s announcement last October…what is wrong with you. In all “seriousness”, this game is auto-runner by Choice Provisions, the developers of the Bit.Trip series, most recently Runner3, and is making the bold claim of actually being a “good game.” For hardcore Bubsy enthusiasts like myself, this game digs deep into the franchise’s lore to feature characters like Virgil Reality, Arnold, Terry and Terri (who are actually in the KickStarter trailer), and Oinker P. Hammm.

Not much has been heard about the most anticipated game of 2019 (No? Just me?) since then, but that all changed today with this trailer. Choice Provisions and Accolade would like to make Spicy Extras DLC for Bubsy: Paws on Fire and are trying to raise money for it via crowdfunding. While the KickStarter campaign isn’t set to go live until 10am PT tomorrow at this link, the announcement trailer does feature everyone’s favorite bobcat masterfully telling us what the developers hope to add.

Using the money raised with this KickStarter, Choice Provisions would create new costumes, themes, and more tough levels as well as an entirely new theme for the game and Commander Video as a new playable character. And people said Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Avengers: Infinity War were the greatest crossover of the century.

While the KickStarter page has yet to go live, the trailer does detail several of the donation tiers. Giving $2 will net you Bubsy Two-Fur, donating $10 will garner supporters Bubsy: The Wollies Strike Back, and those willing to give $20 dollars will get Bubsy: Paws on Fire when it launches sometime in April 2019. Higher tiers add even more digital rewards, though a $50 pledge will grace those lucky individuals with a physical copy of Paws on Fire.

If this content is funded, our lord and savior Bubsy says to expect Spicy Extras DLC in “late Summer 2019.” In the meantime, you can check out the announcement trailer below. Oh, and that literal binary code translates to “SRSLY?”. According to this new video, Bubsy: Paws on Fire is poised to launch for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch sometime in April.