Buddy Mission Bond Revealed By Nintendo And Koei Tecmo With Top Tier (And Bottom?) Bishies By Yuusuke Murata

By far the biggest surprise in the October Nintendo Direct Mini, Buddy Mission Bond features characters by Yuusuke Murata of One Punch-Man fame.

October 28, 2020

The Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct Mini published on October 28 had Nintendo and Koei Tecmo reveal a brand new game, Buddy Mission Bond. Revealed with a trailer, Buddy Mission Bond is coming to Switch in Japan on January, 29, 2021, for 7128 Yen (tax included). In physical and digital. The game wasn’t announced outside Japan for now.

Buddy Mission Bond stars Luke, voiced by Ryohei Kimura. Luke is a police officer, following the footsteps of his late foster father. He dreams of becoming a hero, and meets the “Beast” phantom thief Aaron, voiced by Takashi Kondo. Luke and Aaron have a fateful encounter changing their lives forever. A burning friendship story awaits the duo, sometimes counting on each other, sometimes opposing each other.

Buddy Mission Bond takes place on Mikagura Island, the center of a worldwide show business industry. In the island’s shadows lurk the criminal organization Discard. Those targetted by Discard all have the “mark of death” on their neck, which makes its victims go berserk.

Keeping on, as Luke investigates the case, he realizes his father had the same mark when he passed away. Luke will, together with his buddies, solve the mystery behind his father’s death and unveil a conspiracy shaking the world.

Two more characters will be joining Luke:

The third member is Mokuma, a ninja who loves alcohol and hitting on women. Mokuma is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa. The fourth member is Chesley the cold hearted swindler, voiced by Daisuke Namikawa. The four of them will form a top secret undercover investigation team, Team Bond.

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Buddy Mission Bond is a Japanese Adventure game or ADV, meaning most of the gameplay will be reading. It’s akin to what we call outside Japan a visual novel. The game’s dialogues will be in 2D with a manga style, while undercover missions are in 3D, with what seems to be actions choices picked through text windows.

Simply put, the missions are divided into two phases. First, before an undercover investigation starts, players will need to form a pair of Buddies among the four main characters. Following that, the two buddies will need to investigate the city and look for clues. When asking the citizens of Mikagura Island for info, some might be more inclined to talk depending on which buddy you picked.

Once the investigation is over, the two buddies will infiltrate the enemy’s hideout. Your infiltration route will differ depending on which clues you managed to find in the previous phase. You will have to switch between the two characters and make them work together perfectly to infiltrate the enemy hideouts.

In addition, the character designer of Buddy Mission Bond is Yuusuke Murata. He is mainly known as the mangaka of Eyeshield 21, and the artist of the print version of One Punch-Man. The game uses a manga style that fits perfectly with the chara designs, and looks extremely cool. We have additional screenshots you can check out below.

Buddy Mission Bond Reveal Trailer

Buddy Mission Bond is by far the most interesting game revealed in the October Nintendo Direct, and I personally can’t wait to learn more. This is the kind of game that definitely will have a very active BL community at some point too. The characters are all voiced by popular seiyuu as well. It has a pretty good chance of becoming big. Maybe not Tiger & Bunny big, but big nonetheless.

Additional information will be coming at a later date on the game’s official site and the Koei Tecmo Twitter.

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