Budget Cuts’ Sneaky Release Trailer Goes Live Ahead of Launch

Budget Cuts developer, Neat Corporation pushed the sneaky VR title's brand new trailer featuring a lovely amount of gameplay

on May 28, 2018 11:18 AM

If you’ve ever wondered what our world would be like when robots have started to take over, then Neat Corporation’s upcoming VR title, Budget Cuts is looking to be the closest you’ll get to experiencing it.

Budget Cuts is a fun looking VR title with stealth coming into play. Players are an employee at a company that decides to bring in a large number of robots. Enough to terminate their employment. Things get a bit more complicated when a package is left at their desk and leads to a lot of hiding away as you try to save your job.

Originally the title had some issues with development in which the developer felt it wasn’t quite ready, so spent some time to work on it a bit more, pushing the release date to the 31st of May 2018.

The title has been built with room-scale VR since day one, and the trailer below shows what looks like some wonderfully fun gameplay. While stealth seems to be the main focus of Budget Cuts there’s also a good handful of action being teased, with takedowns, traps, and office-related weaponry.

If players have a HTC Vive, or an Oculus Rift they’ll be able to experience the game in full.

Budget Cuts is due to arrive on PC on the 31st of May 2018. A demo is also available through Steam.

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