Kero Kero Bonito Didn't Know Bugsnax Song Reveal Was for PS5 Event


If you’ve been online since the reveal of Bugsnax during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, you’ll have no doubt seen people “singing” the Bugsnax theme song. It seems the band behind the song had no idea the song would be used for the game’s big reveal.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Gus Lobban —one-third of the indie-pop group, Kero Kero Bonito— details how the song came to life. He details that Phil Tibitoski, co-founder of Young Horses Games spoke to him in a briefing call, detailing the game slightly. From there, the song began production.

“We had no idea how Bugsnax was launching” Lobban details, explaining that Tibitoski only referenced “the event.” Once the trailer was revealed, the song gained a lot of attention. “You never know exactly how a song will be received, but “It’s Bugsnax!” has had a particularly wonderful response; within days of the announcement I’d seen it soundtracking memes, covered by metal and folk artists and reacted to by toddlers.”

It seems as if the band still has more tracks available in the game, as Lobban talks about if fans of “It’s Bugsnax” enjoyed the song, “I have this to say: It isn’t over yet.”

Tibitoski spoke highly of the band in a recent interview, saying “They have really good energy, and a lot of their songs are cute but fun to dance to. A lot of the themes that they’ve been exploring lately have kind of coincided well with what the themes for the game are.”

This takes a similar story to Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding when Hideo Kojima discovered an Icelandic post-rock band called Low Roar and featured “I’ll Keep Coming” as the reveal song for the game trailer. Ryan Karazija had no idea about the song being used for the game after being contacted for its use.

Bugsnax is due to arrive on the PS4, PS5, and PC later this year.

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