Bugsnax Developer Reveals Inspirations, including Viva Pinata & Dark Cloud

Look out for some of Pokemon Snap, Ape Escape, Dark Cloud and Viva Pinata in Bugsnax

The PS5 show revealed a bunch of new titles to us, and the flat-out strangest among them was Bugsnax from Young Horses, although you may know them as the minds behind Octodad. What you may not know about Bugsnax, other than well… a lot, since all we’ve seen of the game was a vague gameplay trailer, is that the game was apparently inspired in part by Pokemon Snap and a few other surprising titles.

A Tweet from Kevin Geisler, a programmer and producer at Young Horses, showed some of his personal inspirations that have “gone into the development of Bugsnax.” Besides the previously mentioned Pokemon Snap, which is already bewildering in terms of what it could mean for Bugsnax, Geisler mentioned three other titles: the extremely odd Viva Pinata, the cult-classic Ape Escape and a personal favorite of mine, Dark Cloud. While I’m happy seeing someone other than me mention Dark Cloud, I still can’t help but wonder what influence these radically different titles could have on Bugsnax.

Of course, I can’t posture on what influences these games will have on Bugsnax, that would just be irresponsible, not to mention impossible to really do. All of these games are radically different, and looking for their impact on a game we still don’t know much about, let alone hasn’t come out yet, is pointless. What we can look at is the common thread between all of these titles, and how it could possibly reach out to Bugsnax. The four titles listed aren’t just cult hits, they also introduced new gameplay mechanics in their respective series’ or genres that set them apart. I suppose it goes without saying that Bugsnax is shaping up to be a unique title, but with inspiration from these four game changers, I’m excited to see whatever unique mechanics and weirdness Bugsnax brings when it launches this holiday season alongside the PS5.

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