Build Your Own NES Arcade Cabinet

on August 28, 2009 2:30 PM

Do you miss playing games at an old school arcade? I do sometimes, but it is pretty hard to find a decent arcade these days. Well worry not, this user has figured out how to build his own NES arcade cabinet for home use. He scrounges up an $70 in supplies, an old PC and monitor, fires up an emulator, creates an awesome case and viola!

I am no wizard when it comes to crafting my own furniture or soldering a board, but this guy who goes by russm313 is a fraking god among men. I want this cabinet for playing Contra alone, the other games and ability to surf the net are just extras. I wonder if he plans on mass producing these at any point?

He claims it is simple to make and things you will need are:

1 sheet of 4’x8′ 1/4″ MDF
1 sheet of plexiglass
1 set of joystick and arcade buttons
1 posterboard
several cans of spray paint
an older PC
an LCD monitor
1 USB keyboard
soldering equipment
nes controller ports (ripped from a four score)
DB-25 connector
2 cases of Diet Coke 🙂

Please note that you can substitute the Diet Coke for Diet Pepsi or even Beer!

The fact that you can connect USB devices or original NES controllers is genius, he chronicles his steps on this journey of awesomeness at his site. I tip my hat to you friend and would love to talk to you live about this project.

[Images and video via Instructables]

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