Build Your RaceTrack As You Race in Midnight City’s Krautscape

Build Your RaceTrack As You Race in Midnight City’s Krautscape

The number one objective of any racing game: to be number one, at any cost. Publisher Midnight City’s multiplayer racer Krautscape takes it one step further, allowing the lead player on the track to actively build the racetrack as players race on it to lead his rivals to doom and an easy victory.

But other players can attempt to take shortcuts by flying with their bird-like cars over obstacles, leading to an insane racing experience that takes place on the track, off the track, and everywhere in-between. The gameplay is designed with procedurally generated tracks made by the players; and while other gamers can fly at any time, they need the track to gain speed since cars have no thrusters while in the air. With this in mind, Krautscape encourages players to enjoy nonlinear gameplay and focus on “intelligent movement” rather than perfect driving.


Krautscape is a multiplayer game, available via online play, LAN or split-screen (with up to four players). Players can also try the game out alone in the practice mode, and gamers can play the game with either keyboard or gamepad support. The soundtrack is described as “adaptive” and gameplay sessions are short and action-oriented, allowing for plenty of online sessions.

Krautscape is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms via Steam Early Access. For a closer look at the game, check out the trailer and gallery below; for more on the game, check out the Krautscape website, where you can also learn about the small team behind the game and the story behind the premise.