Bullet Girls Phantasia Gets Tons of Screenshots Showing Abilities and All the [NSFW] You Expect

Bullet Girls Phantasia Gets Tons of Screenshots Showing Abilities and All the [NSFW] You Expect

Plenty of new screenshots of Bullet Girls Phantasia for PS4 and PS Vita show exactly what you would expect, on top of abilities and weapons.

Today D3 Publisher released another large batch of screenshots of its upcoming action game Bullet Girls Phantasia.

As usual, keep in mind that this is a D3 Publisher game, and a Bullet Girls title to boot, so you can pretty much expect a lot of content which is pretty much unsafe for work.

Things start tame, showing the “Scramble Overdrive” (SOD for short) abilities that the girls are able to pull. Even the new waifus from the Kingdom of Altania have their own.

Afterward, we see a decidedly D3 Publisher-ish turn, with THAAD (Take Hold An Air Dress, no, it’s not a mistake. That’s what it’s called). It’s a forbidden technique in which the girls shed their uniform and end up in their bra and panties, which act as armor on their own. When a girl launches her SOD in this state, they can use the power of “removing a maiden’s final defense line” which is the Final Panty Strike (FPS for short). It provides a variety of boosts but can be used only once in every battle.

When the gate opened, the ranger’s club storage of underwear was impacted, and the panties and bras were scattered in the fantasy world. Stained with magic, they can offer special power to the wearer if found. They have five degrees of rarity.

We also get to see the skill tree that can be unlocked by progressing each girl and special materials that can be used to improve weapons with special abilities. Last but not least, a new interrogation method via the inevitable slime. We’re in a fantasy world, after all.

You can check out the screenshots below, together with the theme song (which was released last week, but I forgot to report about it. Oops).  If you want to see more, you can also check out another gallery of screenshots. The game will launch in Japan on August 9th for PS4 and PS Vita. No western release has been announced for the moment, but an Asian version will launch day and date with the Japanese one.

According to PQube, that had to suffer the cancellation of the western release of Omega Labyrinth Z (also by D3 Publisher), the game will never come west.