Bulletstorm & Crysis 2 Demos Available Now

on January 25, 2011 10:30 AM

Bulletstorm & Crysis 2 Demos Available NowTwo of the hottest titles coming out in the next couple of months are seeing a demo release today; Crysis 2 and BulletStorm. The BulletStorm demo clocks in at 1.08GB on the XBox 360 version and will see players running through the level “Collapsed Building” in the games high scoring “Echoes” mode. Crysis 2 on the other hand is a multiplayer affair that sits at 1.80GB and is exclusive to the XBox 360.¬†Needless to say I’m downloading both as we speak, keep an eye out for demo impressions coming soon.

Click these download links for a direct link to the xbox.com marketplace to download the demos to your XBox 360, and the demo downloads will begin automatically next time you turn on your system.¬†BulletStorm, Crysis 2. You can also access the BulletStorm demo on the PlayStation Network though I’m not aware if they have a similar program to this, and unfortunately it’s not available on the PC.

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