[UPDATE] Bulletstorm for Switch Has Quietly Released Today

[UPDATE] Bulletstorm for Switch Has Quietly Released Today

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition has stealth launch today on the Nintendo digital storefront.

Earlier this year at PAX East, Gearbox Software announced that it would be bringing People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm to the Nintendo Switch with a new version called Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition. Today, to coincide with the start of PAX West, it seems Gearbox decided to release the game.

As seen this morning on the Nintendo eShop, the page for Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition went live making the game now available for purchase. It comes in at $29.99 in price, which isn’t too shabby. The Duke of Switch Edition is the same version of Bulletstorm as the Full Clip Edition, which launched on Xbox One and PS4 a few years back. The only difference is that it has now been adapted to run on the Switch’s hardware.

Bulletstorm’s arrival here on Switch marks the first time that the game has landed on a Nintendo platform. The title originally came out back in 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. It has since been ported to more modern platforms, as mentioned before. If you typically only own Nintendo consoles, now the time to see if this first-person shooter is for you.

Stay tuned in the coming days as we might end up having some impressions of Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition for you here on the site.

UPDATE: A launch trailer for the port has been released, check it out below: