Bulletstorm is the Worst Game in the World, According to Fox News

By John Colaw

February 10, 2011

I almost feel like this is a joke and I feel kind of silly that I have to post this as actual words that were spoken by a real person, but Fox News has once again gone down their usual path of sensationalist headline grabbing story-telling with their only goal being to cause hysteria and confusion; research of the subject at hand or fair reporting be damned! In case you weren’t already aware of this, Bulletstorm is the worst game in the world (right now…at least until the next one comes out that is).

Bulletstorm is a game that prides itself on it’s over the top, B movie levels of ridiculous badass swagger. The video game industry is the oil industry, and Bulletstorm is Daniel Plainview. It’s going to drink your milkshake, and it is really not going to care what you have to say about it. Fox however doesn’t take issue with the violence, but rather the fact that the games Skill Shot kills take on incredibly obvious  double-entendre names such as “Gang-Bang” and “Topless”. I really wish I was making this up.

The fine folks over at Comics Alliance have put this into far better words than I could and have provided a great deal of information on the topic, and as they themselves point out, Rock Paper Shotgun has shown just how selective Fox’s research and quoting was done in order to get their message across.

This is just bad journalism and it makes me ashamed that they would post something like this. Maybe someday video-games will stop being the new scapegoat and we can start blaming the real villains; books and puppies.

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