Bumblebee-Themed SCUF Vantage PlayStation 4 Controller Announced

Bumblebee-Themed SCUF Vantage PlayStation 4 Controller Announced

In a surprise move, at least to me, Sony Interactive Entertainment and SCUF controllers announced a new Bumblebee-themed Vantage PS4 controller.

In all of the two years that I’ve been working for DualShockers, I never thought I’d be writing this article. Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SCUF controllers, and more than likely Hasbro announced a brand new Vantage Wireless controller for PlayStation 4 and believe it or not it’s entirely themed around the Transformer Bumblebee.

The controller itself is based on the version of the character from the latest live-action move in the series. Because of this, the controller is sporting a yellow paint job with markings similar to that of the robot in disguise. Of course, like any other SCUF Vantage controller, this one almost completely customizable, so you can remove paddles, vibration modules, and more to tailor to your skillsets.

What’s really unique about the controller, however, is how you obtain it. You can’t simply buy it off of SCUF’s website. Oh no, you have to pre-order Bumblebee the movie on the PlayStation Store (a small price to pay, because the movie’s fantastic). After you do that, you’ll be sent a promo code, which you can then insert into SCUF’s website. Doing so will finally grant you the ABILITY to purchase the controller which, by the way, costs a hefty $199.95. As a huge Transformers fan, while this is expensive, it’s also REALLY cool. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on one day.

As of the time of this writing, it’s unknown when the controller itself will be shipped out to those who do choose to purchase it.