Bungie Catches the Banhammer Fever

Just a few days ago, we reported on Blizzard swinging the metaphorical banhammer on thousands of cheating players. But it turns out, they’re not the only one trying to keep their servers clean. Bungie applied credit resets to about 15,000 players who were cheating by using forced network disconnects at opportune times to be able to reset certain challenges and complete them multiple times per day, earning credit each time.

Bungie also firmly noted that these credit resets did NOT apply to players who “[play] too much Gruntpocalyspe” or “[use] the target locator too much,” claiming lightheartedly that there is no such thing as using these actions too much.

These cheaters who had been exploiting the Challenge Reset glitch have received an in-game notification telling them that their credits were reset, and also that they have received a credit earning ban.

Even though it sounds like Bungie had to manually check for these cheats, they also stated that they are working on their automatic ban-catching system to ensure that it will catch this Challenge Reset exploit as well in the future. So if this news is giving you ideas about earning an easy 50,000 credits in a day, think again!


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Jess Brohard

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