Bungie Clarifies Leaked Pre-Order Bonus for Destiny The Taken King Expansion

By Steven Santana

July 25, 2015

As if Destiny content wasn’t already divided and confusing enough between pre-orders, Bungie has clarified that the latest, a “Suros Arsenal Pack”, will be available to everyone, not just GameStop. The pack leaked early yesterday onto Reddit, causing Bungie to create a news post addressing the issue.

Turns out the Arsenal Pack is not a retailer exclusive, will be available starting September 15, 2015 and won’t be available to anyone else until January 1, 2016. It is available outside of the United states, to those who have already pre-ordered, and includes both the $40 and $60 editions, not just the collector’s edition of The Taken King.

What does this content include? Well you get a shader, emblem, and three weapons: auto, pulse, and scout rifle. Now don’t forget you also get the Vanguard Weapons pack for pre-ordering which includes an auto and scout rifle, and a sidearm.

The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 and is available in a wide range of options. *deep breath* You’ve got the normal edition which is just the expansion for $40, the Legendary Edition, however, has the expansion, Destiny (base game), and the other two expansions for $60 (digital and disc), the Digital CE which has all that, plus three shaders, three emotes, and three class items, and if you pre-order it now you can start playing everything but The Taken King. Then physical CE, exclusive to GameStop, with the usual trinkets of a CE, and finally if you want the expansion but also the CE’s digital trinkets you can purchase the three shaders, emotes, and items for $20. And finally if you’ve played both of the expansions or have a level 30+ character you get the Founder’s Fortune Pack with the Taken King which is a shader, sparrow, and emblem. Whoo. Oh right, also if you buy a Red Bull you get, “this epic, new quest is a never-before-seen, multi-stage mission in The Taken King.”

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