Bungie Confirms That Destiny's Guardians Will Be Transferable Across Next & Old Gen Systems

By Christian Chiok

July 18, 2014

This week’s Bungie Weekly Update reveals a lot information such as details on the Companion Ship App and answers questions Gamers asked during the launch of Destiny‘s Beta. Bungie was asked different types of questions, such as why is the level cap set to Level 8 or why aren’t players rewarded with a medal when killing someone while they are dancing in the Crucible. However, one question stood out the most.

Claude Errera asked Bungie if she was allowed to say that characters created on the PS4 are available when the same account logs in on a PS3, which Bungie replied to with:

Your question points to a very interesting truth about how Destiny will work. As you’ve discovered, as your Guardian evolves it will be able to travel from one generation of console to the next. Just like hopping worlds, you can use the same Guardian on Next Gen and Legacy Gen consoles – so long as you stay in the same system. Ergo, you can move from PlayStation to PlayStation and from Xbox to Xbox, but not across product lines.

You read right it folks. Your Destiny guardian will be transferable cross-platform. For example, if you don’t own a next-gen console yet, but still want to play it on your PS3 or Xbox 360, you can buy your copy on either system and transfer your progress whenever you upgrade to next-gen. Of course, you can only move from PlayStation to PlayStation and from Xbox to Xbox.

This is how it will work:

According to David Shaw, our self-professed Chief Pyrotechnical Officer, this was the plan all along, as we set out to build an adventure that would span generations. “Our service is built with flexibility in mind. As a player of Destiny, you have a Bungie account that’s bound to your PSN ID or your Xbox LIVE Gamertag, instead of a specific generation of device.

As long as you use the same Bungie account linked to your PSN ID or your Xbox LIVE Gamertag, then you can safely retrieve your guardians across your consoles.

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