Bungie Details Destiny 2: Forsaken Roadmap in New Video

Bungie Details Destiny 2: Forsaken Roadmap in New Video

Bungie is breathing new life into Destiny 2 with Destiny 2: Forsaken, an expansion which is looking to re-tool the game and bring Guardians back.

Today marked the release of the Destiny 2, 2.0. While we here are hoping that number is as figurative as it is literal, the full release of Destiny 2: Forsaken is set for September 4. Bungie has released a new ViDoc which details the development team’s plans for next week and the months and years to come.

You can find the video below.

This shouldn’t be confused with the Destiny 2: Forsaken launch trailer which also dropped today, in which we hear our Guardian speak for the what, second time now? That was weird. Nevertheless seeing Cayde-6’s body on a table never feels good.

Today’s update featured many of the expansions quality of life changes including more vault space, (Hazzah!) as well as changes to the director screen and layout.

This change has been requested for a long time as we need space to keep our loot in a loot-based shared-world shooter. In addition, the re-introduction of random weapon perk rolls will mean that players are going to need more slots for new versions of weapons (until they get their god roll and can delete every other version).

Destiny 2: Forsaken is also synced up with the year of the Outlaw, a new season in which players will be able to dig deeper into the lore than before, with a reinvented grimoire lore-esque system which can finally be read and examined in-game. Oh, and you can earn shiny new titles now for completing some of the game’s hardest challenges.

The game fully launches this Tuesday, September 4. You can read more about it, including the introduction of the Gambit PvPvE mode here. You can pre-order the game on Amazon, if you haven’t already, here.

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