Bungie Details New Destiny Special Editions

Bungie Details New Destiny Special Editions

A few special editions for Destiny have been detailed by Bungie. The different editions include The Ghost Edition, Limited Edition, and Digital Guardian Edition. Each has tons of content to offer buyers, both physically and digitally.

Below is a list of all of bonus content that comes with each edition specifically, as well as a short summary.

The Ghost EditionPut together with the collector in mind. Comes with special companion, and overall has the most value. Contains:

Limited Edition Steelbook Case & Game Disc
Replica Ghost – This is your Ghost. It has motion sensors and lights, along with audio from the ghost in the game that really brings it to life.
Letter of Introduction – A letter that introduces you to the game, and tasks you with the most important mission of all, following your destiny.
Golden Age Relics – A pack of stickers, patches, and chrome sliders.
Guardian Portfolio which contains – “Arms and Armament” Field Guide, Postcards From the Golden Age, & Antique Star Chart.
Collectors Edition Content – In-game items which include:
Unique Ghost Case
Exclusive Player Emblem
Exclusive Ship Skin
Destiny Expansion Pass


Limited Edition:

Includes everything in the Ghost Edition, except for the Letter of introduction, the Golden Age Relics and the Ghost Replica.

Finally for those who would like to own their game digitally, there is a pack ready for them:

Digital Guardian Edition:

Digital Destiny download
Early Access to Vanguard Armor, and Player Emblem Pre-order bonuses.
Reservation for “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” Destiny expansions which include new story missions, multiplayer arenas, and new weapons, armor, and gear.
Collector’s Edition Digital Content

Ghost Edition