Bungie Fixes Destiny’s Heavy Ammo Glitch, Right On Time For Iron Banner

on May 26, 2016 1:48 PM

Put away your machine guns and rocket launchers, Bungie has finally sent out the hotfix to remedy the ever pervasive heavy ammo glitch in Destiny. For those out of the loop, the heavy ammo synthesis glitch allowed Destiny players in PvP to synthesize endless amounts of heavy ammo.

This news and update couldn’t come a moment later, with Destiny‘s PvP event Iron Banner coming today. Both Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris were originally planned to launch earlier, however Bungie delayed them to fix this glitch.

Iron Banner is happening right now, and will be ongoing until next Tuesday. Check out the photos of available loot below (the last one being PlayStation exclusive):

IB_Fusion_RifleIB_SidearmIB_Warlock_Gear IB_Titan_Gear IB_Hunter_GearIB_Sony_Gear

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