Bungie Shows Tons of Destiny Stats from the Recent Alpha

on June 21, 2014 11:42 AM

Destiny developer, Bungie, has released a list of stats to show off what players did during the alpha. The list shows us some standard stats, like how many primary weapon kills there were overall, but it also shows us a few harder to reach achievements like getting the Deathless Medal in-game.  With 6,461,871 games played in total just over the course of the alpha, we can surely expect these numbers to multiply when the Destiny beta releases in July.

You can see the entire list of stats below:

  • 149,522,313 Primary Weapon Kills
  • 21,782,610 Secondary Weapon Kills
  • 4,002,737 Heavy Weapon Kills
  • 21,687,298 Super Ability Kills
  • 2,819,211 Orbs of Light Gathered
  • 6,850,773 Control Points Captured in the Crucible
  • 1,195 Deathless Medals awarded in the Crucible
  • 4,356 Splatters with the Sparrow
  • 667,966 Public Events Joined
  • 60,491,944 Fallen Dregs Dispatched with Extreme Prejudice
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