Bungie’s Epic Beta Fail

Bungie’s Epic Beta Fail

width="480"So you’re sitting around the house, waiting on Monday and the chance to finally get into the Halo Reach Beta. You’ve saved that copy of ODST for just this occasion, and let’s face it, it was a lot longer than it deserves to be held on to. The reason for this is, of course, because you were promised before you waited in line for hours, that you would be the one that was allowed access into the coveted Halo Reach Beta. It was the greatest selling point to a game that everyone knew was mediocre at best. Reach was the next Halo blockbuster and everybody knew it: Bungie knew it, and more importantly Microsoft knew it.

Then, this past week, you find out that evidently Bungie and Microsoft were having a “Friends and Family” beta to “work out the kinks” as Bungie put it. Soon after, you find that every hacker and website in the world has codes that they are basically making people be fools over to get. Answer this, re-tweet that, follow me. It’s endless and if you’ve followed some punk kid on Twitter all weekend to get one, chances are he copied a used code from a website and now has 900 people following him for no reason.

But it wasn’t supposed to be this way – Halo ODST was supposed to be the key and instead it gets you in 3 days later than most everybody else. It’s like getting promised a new car but 50,000 people got to test drive it first. And Bungie blames Microsoft for so many access codes being given out, saying “That may very well be the case given all the various programs going on out there (the two thousand or so codes Bungie gave out and then all the codes MSFT has distributed to retailers and media outlets).”

Well, the good thing is that Monday will eventually get here. The bad news is that Microsoft, Xbox, and most importantly Bungie should be ashamed of themselves for making everybody think they were going to get their hands on something special and that nobody has gotten to see yet. Instead, gamers will get to wait around all weekend while websites post videos and pictures and totally ruin the experience for just about everyone else.

You know what, Bungie? You may have been trying to out-do Infinity Ward by releasing a beta, but you totally fail in the department of keeping your promise and rewarding the loyal fans. At least Infinity Ward not having a beta was fair to everyone. And for those of you wondering, I did get a code. I gave it to my kid so he and his friends could play this weekend. I’ll be playing the UFC Undisputed 2010 Demo that was made available to all members of the UFC Community, the Reach Beta begins on Monday for me, with the rest of the unimportant people evidently. ‘Nuff said!