Burger King Twitch Marketing Campaign Receives Widespread Backlash

Burger King "King of Stream" Twitch campaign involved marketing through donations, triggering a wave of backlash on social media.

August 20, 2020

Burger King might as well be known for its viral marketing campaigns and PR stunts more than their burgers at this point, and now it’s coming to Twitch. From releasing a timelapse video of a burger going bad to show that it had no preservatives or additives to intentionally giving people the wrong order to promote their Impossible Whopper, they’re one of the fast-food chains that’s taken advantage of social media.

Burger King’s recent Twitch campaign, however, has garnered somewhat universal backlash:

Twitch’s donation feature allows fans and viewers to contribute a little money to the recipient and have a brief message appear on the stream. Some streamers also use a text-to-speech program that reads the message in case they miss it. To many, Burger King’s use of this feature is somewhat of a breach of trust.

Steamers of most sizes have had to deal with other streamers coming into their chat at some point or another and advertising themselves. It’s a reality of Twitch, but it’s also incredibly bad etiquette. In fact, most streamers have something along the lines of “No self-promotion,” written somewhere on their streams.

It’s not a surprise that a number of people across the internet weren’t happy about this either, because while the streamer is still getting money, if an individual person shouldn’t do it, it’s clear that it’s a bad look for the major corporation.

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This isn’t the first time a larger company has done this sort of thing. Coke ran ads on Twitch that infamously featured them donating upwards of hundreds of dollars to streamers and the streamers’ reactions to the donations. Even that campaign had its critics even though the streamers were actually receiving significant amounts of money.

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