Burnout Creators Announce Crash Mode Spiritual Successor Danger Zone for PS4 and PC; Coming in May

Burnout Creators Announce Crash Mode Spiritual Successor Danger Zone for PS4 and PC; Coming in May

Do you want another Burnout game, or at the very least a spiritual successor? I do, and today I have some decent news for other dreamers like me. Today, developer Three Fields Entertainment, a studio comprised of former Burnout developers who recently put out Dangerous Golf and Lethal VR, announced Danger Zone, which may be the closest thing we ever get to another Burnout or to a Burnout-successor.

Danger Zone is not a Burnout spiritual successor, it’s Burnout’s highly-popular Crash Mode turned into an entire game. Which still sounds awesome, at least to me. Better yet, the game is right around the corner, poised to launch sometime at the “end of May” for PS4 and PC. According to Three Fields, it’s a small team which is why it’s starting with only 2 platforms, and no multiplayer, rather just single player and leaderboards.

According to an elevator pitch of the game, Danger Zone is a 3D vehicular destruction game with a simple concept: crash for cash. Get more cash for bigger the crash. Again, simple but beautiful.

In the game, players step into the shoes of a dangerous driver in a virtual Crash Testing Facility: The Danger Zone. The challenge is to survive a variety of spectacular crash testing scenarios, while all grabbing Bonus Pickups.

Powered by Unreal Engine, Danger Zone is said to combine real physical crashes with explosive gameplay. A gameplay description reads: “Shunt vehicles into oncoming traffic, take down trailers to shed their payloads and use your explosive “SmashBreaker” to move your vehicle around. The more explosions you cause, the bigger your score.” Again a simple, but equally beautiful and amazing concept.

In the game you can also “take the highway to the Danger Zone,” which allows you to take all your anger out on rush hour traffic, a paradise for people in need of some good ol’ stress relief. Notably, the game features over 20 unique crash testing scenarios.

Danger Zone will cost $12.99 USD. Below, you can check out the game’s debut screenshots: