Burnstar Combusts Onto the Nintendo Switch With a New Launch Trailer

Burnstar Combusts Onto the Nintendo Switch With a New Launch Trailer

Burnstar, the puzzle game that encourages you to set everything on fire, has been released for the Nintendo Switch alongside a new launch trailer.

Deciding which game to play after a long day at work can be tough. Sometimes you want to challenge yourself with a tough puzzle game and other times you just want to burn everything to the ground. Thankfully Burnstar, the action-puzzle game developed by Nerve Software that lets you do both simultaneously, is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Initially released for Windows back in 2015, Burnstar’s core gameplay loop revolves around damaging the infrastructure of a corporation (fittingly) named Evil Inc. Only containing a finite number of explosives, players will have to find increasingly effective and pragmatic ways to destroy property in order to gain enough stars to clear each stage. Burnstar‘s level design forces players to pay close attention to the nuances of each stage, as the only guaranteed method of success is to orchestrate a highly choreographed chain reaction with the restricted amount of bombs available.

Offering over eighty different puzzles, the game also includes a cooperative mode for players that want to cause mayhem and destruction with a close friend or loved one. Being a sucker to the allure of couch co-op, it’s hard to imagine not having carefully coordinated fun while trying to blow up as much stuff as possible.

Check out the launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Burnstar below. The game is available now on Windows and the Nintendo Switch.