Bury Me, My Love Coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2019

Bury Me, My Love Coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2019

Bury Me, My Love will be coming to Nintendo Switch this January, bringing the tale of a Syrian Refugee and her trek to escape the violence in her country.

Bury Me, My Love, a game about a Syrian refugee attempting to flee the country and stay in contact with her husband, will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 10, 2019.

Announced during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, Bury Me, My Love originally released on iOS and Android on October 26, 2017. Developer The Pixel Hunt will be expanding the game’s reach onto Nintendo Switch very soon. As the first full-scale independent game from The Pixel Hunt, Bury Me, My Love was also their breakout hit, gaining nominations and wins at a majority of game awards including The Game Awards, the GDC Awards, the BAFTA Game Awards, Google Play Indie Games Contest, and IndieCade Europe.

You can watch the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version in the tweet embedded below. Bury Me, My Love is based on the Syrian refugee crisis, in which a third of the population of Syria has been displaced due to the ongoing civil war. Many have attempted to flee to Europe and other safe regions but often don’t make it. There’s a short video describing the development behind the scenes of Bury Me, My Love as part of it winning the Google Play Indie Games Contest.

A mobile interactive fiction that tells the story of Nour, a Syrian woman trying to reach Europe, and Majd, her husband who stayed behind and uses a messaging app to provide her with support and advice.