New Overwatch Map Busan Comes out of PTR in Latest Patch

New Overwatch Map Busan Comes out of PTR in Latest Patch

Busan is now available across all Overwatch platforms as are changes to a few heroes and a new filter has been added when browsing the Hero Gallery.

A new map named Busan is coming to Overwatch with the latest patch across all three platforms. Previously announced alongside the short in late August, this map is now out of PTR and available to all to experience. Set in South Korea, Busan has three distinct stages: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base.

The MEKA Base in particular was a collaboration between the video short team and the level designers as they wanted it to match the location seen in the short as closely as possible. Blast shields in the MEKA Base will move up and down to provide cover and are indicated by an alarm, flashing lights, and steam to alert players when they will be active.

The whole team poured a lot of love and effort into capturing the likeness of Busan and building out the story of D.Va and South Korea. You may notice that D.Va’s room inside the MEKA Base is full of trophies she won as a professional gamer, along with a top-of-the-line gaming rig—and even a couple of cans of Nano Cola.

Other patch updates include a new filter when searching cosmetics that allows you to search for specific seasonal events, Overwatch League, and different items from the Hero Gallery. Visual outlines around allies now make them visible through walls, and critical hits from weapon spreads so that 30% of the shots need to be in the critical hit area to have that effect now. Ana’s relative aim sensitivity while zoomed out slider has been modified to be more precise. Brigeitte’s Shield Bash can be knocked down by and knock down other charging attacks. Reinhardt’s ultimate Earthshatter will now hit enemies near walls, no longer damages enemies that enter the zone after it is enabled, no longer damages enemies behind barriers, and will always travel up inclines or around the payload. Lastly Widowmaker’s grappling hook retains momentum when used on walls, and also has the same expanded option as Ana with the relative aim sensitivity while zoomed slider.

As always, full patch notes can be found on the PlayOverwatch site.