Buy a PSP GO And Get 10 Free Games (In The UK)

Buy a PSP GO And Get 10 Free Games (In The UK)


If the PSP Go didn’t look appealing to you before (and why would it) Sony is hoping that their latest promotion may just give you a change of heart. As it stands now, this offer is still “to be announced” and it’s currently only for our friends across the pond, in the UK. Now, if you’re like me, and a total pessimist yourself, then like me you probably assumed that the 10 games included in this bundle would be PSP Minis and shovel-ware. And just like me, you would be absolutely WRONG. Check out some of the titles included below to see what’s included.

Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, 2010 FIFA World Cup and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars just to name a few. That’s about half the cost of a PSP Go right there!  Here’s a quick statement from SCE UK’s sales director, Mark Howsen.

“Next month we’re launching a free ten game offer. And this isn’t just older titles – we’ve worked with third parties and there’s some really good core products.

“We’re using it as a method to drive the hardware as well by making the whole proposition much more appealing.”

Much more appealing indeed. The fact that it’s starting next month makes me wonder if this will be part of something bigger, perhaps a global announcement at E3. Combine that with a sweet spot price drop and those 10 games and even I will cave in and buy it! Make it happen Jack Tretton!