Buy a Television With a Built In PlayStation 2...In the UK

By Alix Minjarez

December 4, 2010

The PlayStation 2 seems to have earned itself a name as one of the systems that is to this day still standing the test of time. Even after it’s release ten years ago, the PlayStation 2 manages to withstand the obsession of the newer consoles, while the Xbox and GameCube essentially came to a halt after games for them were no longer produced. With the PS2’s popularity comes a deal in the UK in the form of a two-for-one package: a television with a built in PlayStation 2.

Coming just in time for the Christmas cheer, this Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 is a 22-inch, 720p HD t.v. that has two optical digital outputs, three USB ports, a headphone slot, two Ethernet ports, ports for component cables, and many other features. The main attraction this item holds however is the PlayStation 2 built into the stand. It even comes with a PS2 controller. Adding to the mix is the fact that it has Bravia Internet Video, giving purchasers the ability to watch on-demand media.

The tv/gaming console’s set price is £199.95, which isn’t bad considering what you get with the package. You can extra for a 5-year “TV Guarantee” if you choose to as well. So if you live in the UK and happen to have a loved one that has a soft spot for gaming, this would be the gift of choice. For nostalgia’s sake.

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Alix Minjarez

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