Buy Clover: A Curious Tale, Help a Child of War

on August 17, 2010 11:30 PM

Buy Clover: A Curious Tale, Help a Child of War

Isn’t it great being able to buy a game and help someone out at the same time? Right now, with the purchase of Clover: A Curious Tale from XBLIG, people can now contribute in helping a child or two in war-stricken territories such as the Congo, Uganda or Afghanistan. The companies behind the game, Binary Tweed and Blitz Game Studios will be donating all royalties from the game’s first weekend’s sales to War Child, a charity with the goal to help all children affected by war in their territories.

The game is a enhanced version of  the original title Clover, which was a platform-puzzler. With thanks to Blitz 1UP, an initiative of Blitz Games Studios to help rising indie game developers, Clover: A Curious Tale will have voice-acting, 50% more puzzles, multiple endings, overhauled animation as well as French and Spanish translations.

The weekend this all goes down is August 21-22, so if you or someone you know is interested, keep a look out for the game.

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