Buyer’s Discount, God of War III Sale Code Giveaway

on March 13, 2010 8:59 AM

Buyer's Discount, God of War III Sale Code Giveaway

Lately we have been seeing a lot of good deals for sellers in the used games market, mainly from GameStop and GameFly. Now its time for the used games buyer’s market to get a deal. With this coupon sent to subscribers of The GameStop E-mail Newsletter, gamers who purchased a new copy of God of War III will be entitled to 25% off their next pre-owned game purchase. When God of War III releases DualShockers will give away a spare sale code. If you didn’t receive one yet, hit read on to participate in the giveaway of this code!

This deal is exclusively available within GameStop stores through the e-mail coupon code. This deal is limited one per customer and is only good from 3/16/10 to 3/18/10. I have a coupon code for anybody that wants one and cannot get a hold of one themselves. Leave comments telling us your PlayStation ID so that we can confirm through trophies that you picked up God of War III. The code will be given out the day God of War III releases.

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