C-Wars Gets One Step Closer to the 3DS

C-Wars Gets One Step Closer to the 3DS

The folks behind Chinese indie studio Onipunks are aiming to bring their upcoming cyberpunk pixel-art game game C-Wars to the 3DS, and today they announced that the goal is one step closer, as the studio has been certified officially as an authorized 3DS developer.

Of course in order to get a 3DS version by the end of 2013 the project still needs to hit the related stretch goal on Kickstarter, that will be reached at $65,535. Otherwise there will be a “significant delay” before the game will be released on Nintendo’s portable console. Luckily the game has already gathered $56,374 at the moment of this writing, and there are still seven days to go before the end of the funding period, so the goal seems to be almost in the bag.

If you want to help reaching that magic number you can pledge your own support here. You can also vote for the project on Steam Greenlight to support the PC version.

To receive the 3DS version you have to pledge at least $15 due to the cost of the Nintendo eShop code generation. If you’re looking to have the 3DS version in addition to the other platforms you’ll have to add $15 to your pledge.

Oh, if you’re wondering why they chose that weird number for the 3DS stretch goal, here’s your explanation.

Why 65535? From a nerd’s perspective, 65535= 2^16-1. A magic number of DOS’ glory era, only this time it overflows for a happy reason. A special number for the very special event!