Cable Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

With news that Carnage and Psylocke will be making their debut as playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, fans of the series were quite happy to welcome the newer faces. I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t want to play as Carnage and rip baddies apart? It’s a dream come true, for some, to finally take hold of psychopathic villains and do what they do best – wreck havoc.

While playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, though, many familiar faces made their rounds in the game by assisting your team of superheroes in defeating the opposing side. One of those folks was Cable – the yellow-eyed son of Cyclops from the distant future with a metallic arm that serves for dishing out ass whippings. Now, many of us were hoping to have a chance at playing with Cable. Then, after the game had been finished, disappointment surged through our bodies as the majority of the cameo’d characters were nothing but NPC’s talking crap. There’s some good news, though, folks. Cable will be a playable character. Oh yes, yes he will.

Earlier this morning, Activision unleashed a new video, and images, showing the white-haired war veteran X-man, who will be a downloadable character for the game’s Not Fusion pack. You can expect cable to do what he does in the comics, if you’re familiar with it. Shoot things down with his massive arsenal of guns, and just hand out a good batch of good ol’ beatings. Check out the images below.

[Images via Destructoid]

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